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Up coming Devotional
Weekly Devotionals at BYUHawaii help to unify the campus ohana in our dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As students, faculty, and staff at Brigham Young UniversityHawaii, we are encouraged to employ a sense of dedication and commitment in each area of our chosen endeavors. We devote ourselves to our work, our education and development, our family, our values, and our faith.
Up coming devotional devider
Winter Semester (November 7, 2016 – February 24, 2017)
11/08 Susan W. Tanner BYU-Hawaii First Lady
11/15 JSL: Richard L. Bushman BYU Center for Religious Studies
11/22 Alison Whiting BYU-H Director of SLAS
11/29 John S. Tanner BYU-H President
12/06 John Groberg (BYUMS Gala) Per Lila Magalei
12/13 Christmas Devotional Fine Arts Musical Devotional
01/03/2017 Sonny Ah Puck BYU-H Sound and Lighting Engineer
01/10/2017 Jennifer Chen BYU-H Accounting Dept. Chair
01/17/2017 Eric Andersen Prof. & Sr. Assc Dean, Univ of Iowa-Law
01/24/2017 Bruce C. Hafen Emeritus General Authority
01/31/2017 Kimber Brothers Sr. Enterprises Systems Analyst
02/07/2017 Nancy Tarawhiti
02/14/2017Norman S. Black  Vice President, Administration
02/25/2017 Commencement